§ 2-168. Development incentives district plan  

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  • (a) The office of economic development shall develop an incentives plan as a part of the comprehensive plan, which shall be adopted in the method prescribed by the board of commissioners for the adoption of amendments to this Code.

    (b) Subject to the restrictions set forth in section 2-170, areas for incentives which may be offered to a target business are as follows:

    (1) Development impact fees.

    (2) Plan review fees.

    (3) Water system development fees.

    (4) Business license fees.

    (5) Financing of sewer system development fees.

    (6) Freeport tax exemption.

    (7) Redevelopment zones pursuant to O.C.G.A. § 36-44-3.

    (8) Water/sewer user charges.

    (9) Building permit fees.

    (10) Job Training Partnership Act funds.

    (11) Georgia Job Tax Credit Program (O.C.G.A. §§ 48-7-40, 48-7-40.1 and 36-62-5.1).

(Ord. of 8-24-93; Code 1977, § 3-9.8-4)