§ 50-219. Findings, intent and statement of purpose.  

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  • (a)

    Legislative findings. The board of commissioners hereby finds and declares that:


    Rampant growth and development in certain areas of the county has resulted in the loss of innumerable trees in those areas. Tree roots hold soil in place and tree photosynthesis converts carbon dioxide to oxygen. Tree loss thus has contributed to dramatically increased soil erosion and sedimentation. High growth areas, where natural green spaces are diminishing, have left fewer trees to transform into oxygen the carbon dioxide of ever increasing, harmful vehicular and industrial emissions, resulting in severe air quality degradation;


    Integrated forest canopies reduce the costs of maintenance of other collocated parts of the urban infrastructure;


    Well-managed urban forest resources increase in value and provide benefits to all the citizens of the community with respect to air quality, water quality, stormwater management, temperature amelioration, community aesthetics and general quality of life;


    These benefits are crucial to the long-term health, benefit, welfare, and safety of the citizens of the community;


    The removal of forest canopy from urban areas of the state and its replacement with more intensive land uses exacts real costs upon the infrastructure which must be borne by all citizens of the community;


    Community forests function to the benefit of the local citizenry as a part of the public infrastructure as much as streets, utilities, stormwater management structures, and sewers;


    Healthy community forests increase local commercial and residential property values; and


    A tree protection law is one part of a dedicated and integrated planning process dealing with land use, impacts of impervious surface, urban hydrology and water quality, air quality, soil erosion, transportation, noise abatement, and wildlife habitat.


    Provision of standards. The board of commissioners finds that it is in the best interest of the public to provide standards for the preservation and/or replacement of trees as part of the land development and building construction process for the purpose of making this county a more attractive place to live, providing a healthy living environment, and better maintaining control of stormwater runoff, noise, glare and soil erosion.

(Ord. of 9-27-88; Code 1977, § 3-24.5-2; Ord. of 4-29-99)