§ 50-223.1. Administrative variances.  

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  • If a reasonable option has been considered or presented to the county which would preserve the maximum amount of forest cover if not for conflicting with other regulations established by this Code or the county's development standards, the director of community development or his/her designee may issue an administrative variance in accordance with section 134-35 except that the variance may equal up to 100 percent of the existing requirements. The use of administrative variances for the preservation of forest cover shall not allow for an increased development density above that permitted by the underlying zoning. Any administrative variance for the preservation of trees and forest cover shall be reported to the district commissioner.

(Ord. of 7-10-01; Ord. of 7-25-06)

Editor's note

An ordinance of July 10, 2001, amended the Code by adding a new section to be numbered § 50-223a. In order to maintain Code style, the editor has redesignated the new section as § 50-223.1.