§ 6-4. Use of proceeds  

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  • Except as provided in 1974 Ga. Laws (Act No. 156), page 156, subpt. I, § 34-2, all proceeds generated under this chapter shall be used and spent only for those purposes which benefit the citizens of the unincorporated areas of the county. In no event shall any of the proceeds generated under this chapter be used or spent in any fashion which would benefit both the citizens within and without the unincorporated limits of the county.

(Ord. of 8-14-73, art. II, § 17; Ord. of 9-23-75; Res. of 11-22-77; Code 1977, § 3-4-50(b); Ord. of 10-24-89, § I; Ord. of 5-11-93)