§ 6-127. Filing of plats  

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  • (a) Each application for an alcoholic beverage license at a location for which there is no existing county license within the preceding 12 consecutive months from the date the application was filed with the Cobb County Business License Division for the same type of alcoholic beverage license in effect shall include a blue line copy of a surveyor's plat, 8½ inches by 11 inches in size, with a scale of one inch equals 200 feet, showing the location of the building or proposed building and location of all customer entries in relation and distance to all real property and buildings on such real property which fall within the distance requirements set forth in sections 6-124 and 6-125, together with the zoning classifications and present uses of all such real property. Each application for an alcoholic beverage license at a location which has not previously been occupied for other than residential purposes or on which there is or is to be new construction shall also include a copy of a site plan approved by the community development department.

    (b) All real property, locations, structures and improvements thereon shall comply with all county building codes, zoning and planning ordinances and requirements, and all other county ordinances. After issuance of any license under this chapter, no change in the location of the building or customer entry locations shall be made which would affect compliance with any distance requirements of this chapter.

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